You’ll get a kick out of this cat helping with kicks. 

There’s nothing like a little feline encouragement to get your daily kicks in.

Twitter user @Narugon_BJ is an avid learner of both Taekwondo and Wushu. She also happens to be the proud owner of two kitty siblings that are less than two years old: sister Yuki and brother Fuku.

Yuki in particular seems to harbor a cat’s curiosity for her owner’s hobby of practicing martial arts at home. In one recent video, as @Narugon_BJ is attempting to demonstrate how to make a clean, graceful kick, Yuki becomes especially inquisitive and ends up hitching a ride on the outstretched leg in front of her!


To @Narugon_BJ’s credit, she stoically carries on with her explanation for quite some time before finally conceding defeat to take a short “muscle training” break with Yuki’s full weight on her leg. At one point she even has to help Yuki clamber back up to safety.

The scene positively tickled online fans, who captured the series of events in a short montage of video stills and left the following comments:

“I can’t see anything but you and your kitty doing yoga together.”
“It’s cute and compatible with your muscles!”
“I really expected the cat was going to go flying when you were demonstrating the kick!”
“So what’s the technical name of this cat-human stance?”
“Superb control…you’re not wobbling at all, even when the cat is on you…”

Yuki stars in many other training videos as well. In these ones, she lends a helping paw for a little staff practice and stretching encouragement respectively:

“I can’t wait to train under the blue sky again once the coronavirus has gotten under control.”


If only we all had a furry feline friend to help whip us into shape–we guess we’ll have to make do with Mr. Sato’s stretching regimen for now.

Source: Twitter/@Narugon_BJ via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@Narugon_BJ
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