Formally attired friends come in a set for double the smiles.

A while back, glassware design company Goodglas Japan realized it had made a major oversight. Sure, its Shiba Inu-shaped drinking glasses captured the dogs’ physical features, but they’d left out an important element: the scarves festooned with the traditional Japanese karakua arabesque pattern that owners often tie around their pets’ necks.

Obviously, an update was needed, but now Goodglas is further cementing the Shiba’s reputation as Japan’s best-dressed breed with a brand-new heart-meltingly cute design: kimono Shiba!

Like their predecessors, the kimono Shiba glasses make clever use of the empty space inside the cup’s rim to create the pooches. The Shiba in the red kimono, with the blushing cheeks and ume (plum blossom) pattern is wearing a woman’s kimono, while the green-clad one has a more masculine motif.

While they’re cute enough empty, the real fun comes when you fill them up with a beverage, filling in the empty space and giving the dogs coats of whatever color your drink is.

Granted, this does make the Shiba appear upside-down, but if there’s any breed whose capacity for silliness you should never underestimate, it’s the Shiba.

The handcrafted glasses can withstand temperatures between -20 and 120 degrees Celsius (-4 and 248 degrees Fahrenheit), so creating your Shiba Inu out of hot coffee, cold milk, or anything in between is an option.

Now you might think you’ve got a dilemma here, because how can you be expected to pick between these two adorable pups? Luckily, that’s a decision you’ll never need to make, since Goodglas is offering the kimono Shiba glasses as a set, called the Wafuku Shiba Nakayoshi Set Ume (meaning “Japanese Clothing Shiba Friends Plum Set), priced at 6,800 yen (US$64) and available here through the company’s online shop.

▼ It even ships in a kimono Shiba box.

Just remember that payment in Shiba Inu currency isn’t an option, so you’ll have to use real money instead.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: Goodglas
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