The trick is a trade-off that makes both sides feel like they’ve won the battle.

From one point of view, working from home is easy and relaxing. Instead of putting on a stuffy, uncomfortable suit and riding a packed train to the office, all you have to do is roll out of bed and log in from your PC, all without even changing out of your pajamas (even if you’ve got a video conference).

But from the opposite perspective, your cat, who is used to holding dominion over the household while you’re at work, now has to share the space with you. And since sharing is something that cats aren’t known for being particularly fond of, sometimes they’ll decide that your work PC keyboard is actually territory that they control.

That’s exactly the problem Japanese YouTube user British Shorthair Kakka no Nichijo (“British Shorthair Everyday Life”) was running into. Every time it was time to get to work, kitty decided it needed to use the keyboard instead. Even setting up a barrier didn’t work.

But it turns out that instead of trying to keep your cat out of an area you don’t want it in, it’s easier to lure it into a place it wants to be even more, as British Shorthair Kakka no Nichijo demonstrates in this video.

All the troubled pet owner had to do was put a box next to the keyboard. Sure, the PC peripheral is kind of inviting, but to this cat, it’s got nothing on the irresistibility of A BOX!

And just like that, human and feline alike are happy. Meanwhile, if you’re having problems not with your cat interrupting your work, but with where it’s doing its “business,” don’t forget that Japan now has cat diapers too.

Source: YouTube/ブリティッシュショートヘア:閣下の日常 via Jin
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