An edible piece of literal art.

In Japan, presentation has long been valued as a critical component of a truly satisfying meal. Sure, whatever you’re eating has to taste good on the tongue, but it’s just as important that it look good on the plate too.

Because of that, beautifully arranged food in Japan can often be described as an edible piece of art, and that definitely applies to the latest kitchen project from Japanese Twitter user Ran Kadobe (@tookameno), and in a very literal way. See, Kadobe is a fan of the painting Impression, Sunrise, by Claude Monet.

Impression, Sunrise

Kadobe is also a talented baker, and the result of combining those two passions was a recreation of the impressionist master’s 1872 work on the top of a cake.

“I’d always wanted to make a Monet cake! Finally did it,” tweeted Kadobe. The similarity between the colors and textures of the Italian meringue topping/colored icing and Monet’s brushstrokes is so uncanny that not only does it make the cake look achingly beautiful, if you go back and look at Impression, Sunrise after seeing the cake photos, the painting starts to look kind of tasty.

Online commenters have been blown away by the baked beauty, reacting with:

“Your artistic sense, or maybe I should say ‘cake-tistic sense,’ is incredible.”
“Is your real name Claude?”
“The cake is your canvas.”
“So how did it taste?”

In regards to the last comment, Kadobe did indeed eat the Monet dessert, which was a buttercream cake, by the way, and declared it delicious, with a rich flavor and airy texture.

While asking for a slice wouldn’t be practical, many commenters expressed a desire to use a photo of the cake as their smartphone wallpaper, and Kadobe was happy to oblige by posting a few vertically oriented follow-ups.

This appears to be Kadobe’s first foray into impressionist cakes, but between this and the Monet’s Pond cheesecake that captivated us a while back, it’s definitely a food genre we’d like to see more of.

Source: Twitter/@tookameno via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@tookameno
Insert images: Wikipedia/Paris 16, Twitter/@tookameno
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