Our Japanese-language reporter purchased a forever friend to lighten up his cleanliness rituals.

We’ve surmised many things about our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma over the years. Firstly, he has a fondness for gadgets, gizmos, and other strange appliances.

Secondly, he’s always searching for new ways to liven up his bathing experience.

And third… well, he likes to buy gadgets for his bath.

▼ Masanuki latherring up with soap from his nose-shaped soap dispenser and enjoying a view of Mt. Fuji while rainbow lights flash.

While searching for something to make his time reclining in the tub even more soothing, he came across the Bobbing Seal bath toy. Priced at 1,320 yen (US$12.31), the Bobbing Seal is packaged in a mysterious box bearing the enigmatic phrase “Swimming Swimmy” in English, along with a disquieting image of a dark shape about to crest out of the water.

▼ What’s that off the starboard-bow?!

Presumably this is to disguise the contents so you can surprise a recipient with it — say at a party or group event. Masanuki had ordered the Bobbing Seal deliberately though, so the ghoulish sight of a disembodied seal head wrapped in plastic didn’t shock him in the slightest.

▼ Sneak this into someone’s bed for a fun Godfather-inspired prank!

Masanuki prepared the toy and popped it into his bath, then covered it up with the bath lid to keep it warm until he actually used it.

Now, keep in mind that the first time you peel back your Japanese bath cover, the realistic sight of a seal head might give you a fright. Masanuki prepared these gradual shots to acclimatize you to the treat that awaits you.

▼ Careful…

▼ Little bit more…

Okay, now tear off the lid!

▼ Hello, world!

Just the sight of those dewy eyes and the seal’s round, chubby face evaporated all of Masanuki’s aches and anxieties in one fell swoop.

▼ Soothing

And guess what? Unlike bath salts or essential oils, you only have to buy one floating seal head! Now that’s what we call value for money.

▼ Just a man and his Bobbing Seal enjoying a soak together.

Most importantly, now there’s another attraction in the constantly-evolving eco-system of Masanuki’s bathroom. We can’t wait to see what lies in store for the future.

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Images: ©SoraNews24
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