Yet another brilliant idea strikes the genius brain of Mr. Sato.

Face masks are a must-have item right now, but if you know anything about Japanese summers, they are pretty darn hot. That’s why cooling face masks are bound to be even more of a hit.

Our ace reporter Mr. Sato found one such Cooling Face Guard for 880 yen (US$8.25) at a nearby store. By soaking it in water, wringing out all the liquid, and shaking this face mask a few times, it’s supposed to provide a cooling sensation.

▼ The black color looks stylish, but don’t dark colors absorb heat…?

That’s when Mr. Sato got his brilliant idea that you’ve already figured out by reading the title: “If I can make it cooler by shaking it a few times, can I make it freezing cold by shaking it 100 times?” he thought. Well, Mr. Sato, let’s see.

▼ Upon first glance, it looks like regular ol’ polyester.

First, he had to douse it in water. Any water is fine, so he blasted it out from the sink.

▼ It’s feeling cool already! Oh, wait, that’s the water.

▼ Then he wrung out all the moisture and prepared for battle.

He gave as many shakes as he could in five seconds. Think of it as a warm-up.

▼ Shake, Mr. Sato, shake!

Then he put the face mask on as a test. It did feel cooler, but not a lot. It just felt like he covered his mouth with a wet towel, honestly.

▼ Well, we can’t say we’re surprised.

Now, time for the final test. If Mr. Sato shakes the mask exactly 100 times, just how cold will it get? Place your bets now, because we have video footage to prove the results.

▼ The suspense is making us sweat.

Result: it didn’t do much besides make his arm hurt. A lot. If anything, it felt warmer than before. Another Sato Supposition busted.

▼ Good work, Mr. Sato. At least you got a workout in!

What surprised Mr. Sato the most, he said, was how long it took to edit the video of him shaking the mask 100 times. Someone had to add the count caption, right?

▼ In the end, this took an hour and a half to edit.

So, was it worth it? We’d say not. He might have gained a bit of muscle, but he definitely wasn’t any cooler, and he spent a valuable chunk of his workday trying to add numbers to a video. All in the name of science. Maybe he’d be better off with one that looks awesome instead, like this ramen face mask.

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