Overseas sushi restaurant creates an eye-catching innovation for those with a taste for raw fish and mukbang videos.

For decades, the first image that popped into people’s minds when they thought of “Japanese food” was raw fish, in the form of sushi or sashimi. In recent years, though, the worldwide popularity of Japanese noodles, ramen in particular, has been shooting up around the globe.

So perhaps it was only a matter of time until those two were combined, which is what’s happened with the Sashimi Noodles.

A new addition to the menu at Singaporean sushi restaurant Run Run Sushi, the Sashimi Noodles are a heaping helping of salmon sashimi, cut into thinner, and also much longer, strips than what you’ll find in a traditional sashimi platter or atop a piece of nigiri-style sushi. They’re served with what Run Run calls its “in-house special sauce,” which looks to be a soy base enhanced with citrus and cucumber, and wasabi, which the restaurant says results in a blend of sweet and savory flavors.

And yes, Run Run says you’re meant to eat the Sashimi Noodles as you would other Asian-style noodles, slurping them up in their full length, after dipping them into the sauce.

The item’s full name is the Sashimi Noodles Mukbang Set, adding in influences from another country’s culinary culture with a tip of the hat to mukbang videos, live streams of people eating large quantities of food that first caught on in South Korea. Perhaps in reference to the performance aspect of mukbang, Run Run doesn’t bill its three different sizes of Sashimi Noodles as small, medium, and large, but instead as the Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Sets.

Those sets work out to 250, 400, and 550 grams (0.55, 0.88, and 1.21 pounds) of sashimi, and are priced at SG$34.50, SG$52, and SG$69 (US$24,80, US$37.40, and US$49.60). So the Sashimi Noodles are neither a light nor inexpensive meal, but one that no one who eats them, or watches them being eaten, is likely to ever forget.

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Source: Run Run Sushi via World of Buzz via Twitter/@zerojirou via Jin
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