Whether you want a hot or cold drink, Kitty-chan is here to warm your heart.

Aichi Prefeture-based Goodglas Japan has been doing an excellent job keeping kitchens stocked with good-boy Shiba dog drinking glasses, which reveal a friendly pooch as you fill them with liquid. This month, though, it’s turning it attention to the other side of the dogs-versus-cats divide with a set of new feline cups.

Oh, and the new lineup isn’t just any kitty, but the Kitty.

This week, Goodglas released four new glasses saluting Sanrio star Hello Kitty. Like the company’s other signature drinking vessels, these are made with a double-wall design, so that the outside edge retains a smooth contour while the inside surface is such that it creates a negative-space Kitty face that becomes visible as you fill the cup.

▼ These photos show a milky beverage being used to create Kitty’s standard snow-white coat, but you could also use coffee if you prefer the limited-edition deeply suntanned Kitty-chan merch sometimes sold in Hawaii.

In addition to looking cool, the double-wall design also adds heat isolation to the glass, and Goodglas says it can be used with liquids ranging in temperature from -20 to 120 degrees Celsius (-4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit) comfortably, even though the glass doesn’t have a handle. They’re not meant for use in the microwave, though, so you’ll want to heat your drink up before you pour it in.

Each of the four glasses features the same shape, but with a different-colored ribbon: red, pink, blue, or yellow. That last one creates a bit of a mystery, because it’s usually Hello Kitty’s oft-forgotten sister Mimmy who wears the yellow accessory.

▼ However, Mimmy usually wears her accessory on the right side of her head, while her more famous sibling puts hers on the left, and Goodglas insists that this is, indeed, Hello Kitty.

While sprucing up your beverage with marshmallows, chocolate sticks, caramel popcorn, or other sweet snacks bites isn’t required, these photos show it’s highly recommended (and also adorable). The entire lineup is available on Goodglas’ online store here, priced at 3,600 yen (US$34) each.

Source, images: PR Times
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