Given that the apparently rather promiscuous Hello Kitty will lend her likeness to just about everything, from doughnuts to assault rifles, it’s only a matter of time until the world is plastered in Hello Kitty spawn and our little human children are asking where all these frighteningly cute mouthless kitties come from.

Well, thanks to the curious mind of‘s Jason Freeny, you can now get your hands on a helpful tool to explain!


We’ve already spent far too long staring at this sculpture and mulling over whether it’s cute or gross or somewhere in between, but with the addition of the glass dome making her look like something you’d see in the Mütter Museum, we’re going to file this one away under “fascinatingly grotesque.”

You’d think the Japanese would be protective of one of their most successful cultural exports, but Netizens seemed more than willing to throw Kitty-chan under the bus on this one:

“Kitty-chan really will do anything for a buck.”

“Kitty-chan, you look gross!”

“I feel like I’m looking directly into the gaping maw of madness.”

“I can’t believe she’s born with that ribbon!”

Somehow we think we prefer her in her fully-developed form, too…

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