What he did with bento boxes is even grosser.

This summer, the stench of crime has been tainting the air in Kayaba Higashimachi, a neighborhood of Japan’s Gifu City. Since late June, there have been at least 12 cases of someone leaving bento boxes and beer cans out on the street. Even worse, these containers are no longer filled with nourishing meals and delicious alcohol, but with human piss and poo.

However, police working out of the Gifu Kita precinct believe they have found the source of both the violations and the bodily waste materials. On the night of August 23, at about 11 p.m., a 62-year-old man was arrested leaving six beer cans filled with urine on the street. When questioned by police, he admitted that the urine was his, explaining:

“The toilet in my apartment is broken and I didn’t know what to do with my waste. I figured if I put it in empty bento boxes or beer cans and left them on the road, someone would take care of them for me.”

Not every reason counts as an excuse, though, and the man was placed under arrested for violating the Waste Disposal Law.

While anyone who’s experienced plumbing problems in a one-toilet home can sympathize with the difficulty of such a situation, there are better ways to handle it than the method the man used. Using the bathroom at your local convenience store, supermarket, or train station are all wiser choices. When those aren’t options, maybe because you’re feeling the call of nature late at night or with such intensity that you have to take care of business right now, as gross as using your shower or sink may be, they’re still less disgusting than leaving cans and boxes of the end-products of your digestive process around town like the world’s nastiest treasure hunt. It’s also hard to feel too bad for someone who hasn’t sorted out their toilet problems but is still apparently regularly drinking beer at home, since knocking back cold ones is a sure way to make sure you need to use the bathroom in the very near future.

While the man is currently only being charged with the August 23 incident, the other cases, when arranged geographically, appear to have the man’s home as their center. Because of that, investigators are looking into the highly likely possibility that the man was also behind the other illegal dumping cases, further contributing to the amount of urine-related police work being performed in Japan this unusually peesoaked summer.

Source: Niconco News/Real Live via Jin, Gifu Shimbun
Top image: Pakutaso
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