Aside from the attractive design, we love the fact that the face of the watch features none other than … “No Face”! 

While the world certainly has no shortage of Ghibli merchandise, we’re sure fans are always happy to have more. This time, Seiko Watch Corporation has come out with yet another delightful Ghibli item from their casual ALBA line of watches, and it’s a limited edition Spirited Away watch, filled with details that should whet any Ghibli fan’s appetite.

The watch comes in two colors, silver and black, of which 500 and 700 pieces each, respectively, will be produced.

▼ The silver model (500-piece limited edition)

▼ The black model (700-piece limited edition)

The general design of the watch is roughly based on the clock tower that appears in the movie and prominently features the face of the iconic character “No Face”. What’s even better, the image of the eerie face is printed with Seiko’s fluorescent Lumi Brite paint, so it  actually glows in the dark! There are also white, concentric patterns on the face of the watch that represent ripples of waves on water. In addition, the numbers indicating the time are written in traditional kanji characters, giving the entire piece a modern yet stylishly Japanese feel.

But that’s not all. The rest of the watch contains more details that should further delight fans!

▼ On the back of the strap, you’ll find an image of Haku in his dragon form

▼ And the front of the strap is marked with the “油” (abura, meaning oil) symbol, the logo for the Abura-ya bathhouse in the movie.

Plus, the back of the watch is engraved with the movie’s title in Japanese, “千と千尋の神隠し” (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), and the serial number for each limited edition piece.

▼ The watch comes in a lovely box illustrated with the clock tower and city lights.

Both the silver and black watches are priced at 14,000 yen (US$128) and are available at ALBA shops across Japan from January 25. With the unique design and glow-in the-dark No Face image, we think the watch should make a charming addition to any Ghibli lover’s collection!

Source: PR Times 
Top image: ALBA website 
Insert images: PR Times