”Beef”, sings Pikachu in translated duet.

With large-scale fan gatherings still a very iffy proposition in the current health climate, this summer’s big Pokémon event was held online. Pokémon Virtual Fest was an innovative virtual theme park where fans could get together, complete missions, and even indulge in some cool cosplay.

On the final night of the event, singer/comedian Pikotaro, of “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” fame, even stopped by to debut his newest song, a collaboration with Pikachu himself. Titled “Pika to Pico,” there’s also now an official music video, so let’s dive right into the adorable weirdness.

As promised by Pikotaro prior to the video’s release, Pikachu becomes “Pikataro” for the video, donning his gold-rimmed sunglasses to mirror the signature pair worn by Pikotaro.

▼ Looking sharp, Pikataro.

While Pikotaro’s undeniable presence means he rarely plays second fiddle to anybody, for “Pika to Pico” he follows the Pokémon’s lead, as Pikachu sings a line of the song first, then waits for Pikotaro to translate it into English.

With Pikotaro as interpreter, you might expect some unusual lyrics, and they come in the form of lines such as “Finland!”, “We got you! Never! Never! Never! We got you!” and just plain “Beef.” Surprisingly, these don’t seem to be incorrect though, since Pikachu offers no objection to any of them. He does, however, take issue with Pikotaro’s translations “Winter,” “Tea time,” and “Keyhole,” when what he’s really trying to say at that point is…

”Let’s dance!”, which, of course, the pair then do. Unfortunately for Picotaro, the Electric-type Pokémon gets so excited that he starts sending out a powerful electric charge, which ends up flowing directly into the body of the human comedian.

▼ As a true professional, Picotaro is willing to suffer for his art.

If you’re looking to sing along with Picotaro’s portion of the duet, the English/human lyrics are:

Without you
In the future
Take out
Pick up! Please!
Keep distance
Look at me!
Look at me! Look at me!
Papa! Get out!

Tea time!
Let’s dance!

Pika to Pico Pika to Pico
Pika to Pico Pika to Pico

We are teachers

We got you! Never! Never!
Never! We got you!

Here we go!

Take off…
Take off…
Take off…
Let’s dance!

Pika to Pico Pika to Pico
Pika to Pico Pika to Pico
Pika to Pico Pika to Pico
Pika to Pico Pika to Pico
Pika to Pico Pika to Pico
Pika to Pico Pika to Pico

As we’ve come to expect from Picotaro, the video leaves us with the question “What the heck did I just watch?”, but also a smile on our faces, which really isn’t a bad combination. We are going to have to go back and watch it a few more times to fully unravel the meaning of that “Beef” lyric though.

Source/images: YouTube/-PIKOTARO OFFICIAL CHANNEL-公式ピコ太郎歌唱ビデオチャンネル
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