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If there’s one unwritten, universal rule of the Internet (other than Rule 34), it’s that you can’t purposefully make something “go viral.” As you read this, there is almost certainly a team of marketing people in a boardroom somewhere trying to figure out a way to leverage that crazy “Shibe Doge” into an ad campaign that will almost certainly never succeed.

But one former Microsoft employee apparently thinks she can buck the trend with her new invention, the “Donut Selfie.”

Oddly, ex-Microsoft employee Karen Cheng doesn’t seem to be trying to sell anything with the Donut Selfie. You don’t need any special apparatus: Just a phone and a head on your shoulders (we’ll get to that). Nevertheless, Cheng seems hellbent on making her “invention” go viral, throwing out press releases, appearing on talk shows to show it off and building a website toting the Donut Selfie as the next big thing.

So what’s a Donut Selfie anyway? Essentially, you set your camera to video mode, hold it with the lens facing you and swing it around and then literally into your head so that it comes out the other side and makes a full circle; a “donut,” if you will.

Okay, so just kidding about pushing it through your head. It’s more like you just kind of press it against your hair, then stop the video, switch hands and resume filming so that it looks like you just passed the camera right through your noggin. With some simple video editing software, you can then add effects and string your “Donut Selfies” together for a cool time travel effect.

Anyway, some news outlets have taken to sneering at Cheng and her attempts at Internet stardom. Indeed, a quick Google search finds that the Donut Selfie has certainly not caught on like Cheng hoped for, but at least some Japanese Internet sites – which can frankly be a little gullible sometimes – seem to think the Donut Selfie is a hit.

Anyway, we’re not trying to disparage Ms. Cheng here. The Donut Selfie actually looks pretty cool for what it’s worth, and if you’re interested in having a go at it, here is not only a basic tutorial, but an advanced tutorial too! Have fun!

Source: Miff Design Antenna