Steamy salarymen are ready to help improve your office skills, as long as you can keep your fingers on the keyboard.

A common complaint hard-core fans of anime and video games hear is that their hobbies are a waste of time. If they’d just take all those hours they spend on self-indulgent fantasy media and apply them to doing something productive, maybe they could make something of themselves in the real world.

Of course, this criticism ignores the large number of people whose otaku/fujoshi passions inspire them to try new things, learn new skills, and generally broaden their horizons. For example, there’s a boys’ love video game that teaches players how to type.

Called Kichiku Uchi (“Devil Typing”), the game is a spinoff of Kichiku Megane (“Devil Glasses”), an adult computer game from publisher Spray. Players take on the role of timid salaryman Katsuya Saeki, whose personality changes to a more confident and aggressive persona when he puts on a pair of magic glasses, and the game rewards skillful keystrokes by showing Katsuya’s male colleagues in states of increasing undress for quickly and accurately typing such sentences/phrases as:

● “Monohoshi sou na kao” (“Your desire is showing on your face.”)
● “Uma sou ni shaburu janai ka” (“You seem to be really enjoying sucking on that.”)
● “Koi miruku” (“Such thick milk.”)
● “Kanjiyasui.” (“You get turned on so easily.”)
● “Gouin ni yarareru hou ga konomi nan darou” (“I wonder if you like it rough?”)
● “Juurin suru” (“I’m going to wreck you.”)

Though the target phrases are all in Japanese, the standard keyboard input method on Japanese PCs is to type words as they’d be rendered in English (for example, to type “Tokyo” by hitting T-O-K-Y-O), and the game displays the phrases to be typed in their Latin alphabet forms, so it can easily be played even by non-Japanese speakers. If anything, typing in a to-you foreign language should make the experience an even more precise training exercise, and you might learn a Japanese vocabulary word or two along the way.

▼ Opening animation for Kichiku Megane

Kichiku Uchi isn’t a new game, as it’s included in the Kichiku Megane R fan disc which was released back in 2009 for PCs. The unique typing game has been getting a renewed wave of interest recently though thanks to it being mentioned in a tweet from Japanese Twitter user @mk_momota, who credits it with helping her cultivate typing skills and speed that are the envy of one of her coworkers.

If you’re keen to polish your typing technique while guys take off their shirts and pant, used copies of Kichiku Megane R can be purchased on Amazon here for about 1,500 yen (US$14.15)

Sources: Amazon Japan, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Amazon Japan/Spray
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