New line of Yoshiki x Hello Kitty collaborative goods is here to rock your pandemic style with a very special message included. 

X Japan drummer and all-around-good-guy Yoshiki, who donated 10 million yen to COVID-19 relief efforts in the spring, is back with the latest iteration of his popular Hello Kitty collaboration character Yoshikitty. This new line of goods, composed of three items, is titled “Yoshikitty -tsubasa [wings]- series” and goes on sale on October 1 through online shop Asunarosya.

▼ Yoshikitty’s distinctive and colorful flair surfaces again, this time with wings

The goods are also unique in that they contain a special quote from Yoshiki that he shared on TV back in April to everyone in the midst of the pandemic. The words can found in both Japanese and romaji on the items: 神は耐えられない試練は人に与えない / kami wa taerarenai shiren wa hito ni ataenai / “God does not give people trials that cannot be overcome.”

▼ Take comfort in Yoshiki’s words that we will get through this time.

Let’s look at each of the three new items in more detail.

Mask / 2,000 yen (US$19)

The mask comes in two sizes–medium (13 x 20 centimeters / 5.12 x 7.87 inches) and large (15 x 21 centimeters). Please note that the large size mask will go on sale slightly later on October 15.

Interestingly, the mask’s ear straps are not initially tied when you receive it so that you can adjust them to your desired length from the start.

Mask pouch / 1,500 yen

Have you ever found yourself not knowing where to put your mask when you remove it in the car or at home? This handy mask pouch is the perfect solution to that predicament. Its interior surface boasts antibacterial and odor-resistant properties and its exterior is water-repellent.

▼ Front and back of the pouch

Zip it up and you’ll never have to worry about your mask being contaminated again.

Mug / 2,200 yen

Order a mug to feel just like the X Japan J-rock legend himself while sipping your morning coffee or tea. Like the mask, each side features a different color palette.

The Yoshikitty -tsubasa- series goods can be ordered through Asunarosya’s Online Shop. For more about Yoshiki’s response to the pandemic, see his comments from earlier in the year about why he doesn’t want to hold a no-audience concert.

Source, images: PR Times
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