It’s Godzilla! But for once, people aren’t screaming and running away, but cheering and drawing near.

On October 10, the citizens of Japan came face to face with Godzilla. As usual, the colossal creature appeared in a coastal area, this time on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture.

But while a kaiju sighting fills the in-movie people of Japan with dread, last weekend’s encounter was cause for celebration for us real-world folks, as the Awaji Godzilla is a massive 120-meter (393-foot) long statue honoring the King of the Monsters.

Specifically, this is the kaiju’s Shin Godzilla form, as seen in his most recent produced-in-Japan theatrical feature. Godzilla is the newest resident of Awaji’s Nijigen no Mori (“2-D Forest”) outdoor activity and anime-related theme park. As promised in its initial announcement, guests don’t just get to look at Godzilla and bask in his massive majesty, they get to zipline straight into his mouth (or around the outside of his body, if you opt for the course with the external view).

Don’t worry about Godzilla swallowing you or blasting you with his atomic fire breath, though. As per the attraction’s backstory, the kaiju has been temporarily immobilized. Guests are cast as members of NIGOD (the National Awaji Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster) searching for a way to defeat the monster, and in addition to the ziplining “researchers” you’ll also have the option to join the team firing away at Godzilla’s cells in a shooting gallery.

▼ Mission briefing is provided via a video featuring actress Hirona Yamazaki.

The facility also boasts Japan’s first permanent Godzilla museum, with dioramas and props from the film franchise, and a gift shop with exclusive merch.

And, naturally, there’s an attached cafe serving up kaiju-themed food inspired not just by Godzilla, but his friends and foes as well.

▼ Godzilla black curry

▼ Mothra white curry

▼ King Ghidorah golden curry

▼ Rodan red curry

As it’s just a statue, we’re pretty sure Godzilla won’t be swimming up the coast to attack the Tokyo area anytime soon, but we can’t help but feel happy that Japan’s moving life-size Gundam anime robot is now protecting the path to Tokyo Bay.

Park information
Nijigen no Mori / ニジゲンノモリ
Hyogo Prefecture Awaji City Kusumoto 2425-2
Open 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Source, images: PR Times
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