The special power of Eevee’s latest evolution is to encourage you to save your loose change.

Between the video games, anime Blu-rays, soundtrack CDs, and everything from desserts to toilets shaped like its characters, few things in life are as effective in separating us from our spare cash as Pokémon. Not that we’re complaining, of course, but we can’t help noticing that our love of the franchise tends to have inverse effects on our happiness levels and bank accounts.

However, there is a way to funnel your Poké-passion into increased savings with the help of a very persuasive financial advisor: adorable Pocket Monster Eevee!

This coin bank (part of the Itazura Bank series) from Japanese toymaker Shine is cute enough when it’s just sitting there, with a crayon-style illustration of Eevee on the front (sporting the “Eievui” alternate spelling occasionally seen in Japan). But the real fun starts when you put a coin down on the beige section on top…

…because once you move your finger away, that’s no longer your money, it’s Eevee’s!

Don’t worry, though, Eevee’s not robbing you, just hanging on to your money for safe keeping. You even get a reward, as Eevee’s accepting/forcibly taking your deposit is accompanied with a series of intrigued and excited squeals that will melt any Pokémon fan’s heart.

While the demonstration video naturally shows Japanese coinage, the 500-yen piece Eevee snags is bigger than any U.S. coin, so theoretically the bank should be usable with American currency, as well as that of other compact-coin countries.

Shine officially lists the bank at 2,980 yen, but Eevee would no doubt prefer the more economical price of 2,514 yen it’s available for through Amazon Japan here. Oh, and if you feel safer entrusting your savings to Pikachu, don’t worry, because Shine has a bank for that Pokémon species too.

Source: Shine via Game Watch
Top image: Shine
Insert images: YouTube/株式会社 シャイン
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