Will you side with Princess Serenity or Black Lady?

As if there weren’t already enough must-have goods for Sailor Moon fans, now there are these lovely frill tote bags which force us to choose between the light side or the dark side.

The bags are designed taking inspiration from the dresses of Princess Serenity, the Moon Princess, and of Black Lady, Chibiusa’s evil form. The Princess Serenity version comes in bright white fabric, finished with refined golden embroidery along the top. The bag’s inner is lined with a muted gold satin, and has a convenient small pocket on the inside.

Black Lady’s version of the tote bag is bejeweled along the top edge to resemble her choker, and the stark black fabric is contrasted with vivid pink accents and inner fabric, also with a small pocket on the inside.

▼ Both bags look great, presenting fans with the toughest decision since they had to choose between the Princess Serenity and Black Lady negligees.

Each bag closes by drawstring, and has either “Princess Serenity” in gold or “Black Lady” in pink emblazoned on the bottom corner of the bag.

The totes are available for pre-order now through the Premium Bandai website here for 9,720 yen (US$88), and orders will be shipped out this September.

Whether you choose to let light and purity win, or if you decide to give in to your inner darkness, your Sailor fandom is going to shine with style!

Source, images: Premium Bandai