Looks like you can add Microsoft’s new console to your shelf without putting away one of your old toys.

The launch of a new video game console generation always presents a few resource management challenges. First off, of course, is budgeting for new hardware and games, and then there’s the issue of finding free time in your schedule in which to play them.

But if you’re a veteran gamer who already owns a couple systems, there’s a third question you have to ask yourself: how are you going to rearrange the physical setup of your gaming hardware? Which console gets the most convenient place of honor on your shelf/entertainment unit? Do the other systems get to remain on display, or does adding something new mean you have to pick an older one to pack up and stick in the closet, where the hassle of getting it out again might make it months, or even years, before it’s used again?

But if your choice of next-gen console is Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and you also have a love for old-school Nintendo, you’re in luck, because it turns out that the size and shape of the Series X casing means it can merge almost seamlessly with a GameCube.

The above photo was snapped by Japanese Twitter user @watosan_ship5, along with the surprised observation that “When you stack the GameCube and Xbox Series X, they mysteriously seem to merge!” The GameCube doesn’t have to be on top, either, as it also looks amazingly natural serving as the Xbox Series X’s base, since in cross-section the two consoles appear to have the exact same dimensions.

Of course, if you really wanted to play the systems while they’re stacked on top of each other, you’d have to go Xbox Series X bottom/GameCube top, since the Nintendo console’s game disks load via a flip-up lid on the top of the system. That still probably isn’t the wisest choice if you’re going to be actively playing on the Microsoft system, though, since the Series X has vents on its top, and running it with a GameCube blocking the airflow may cause excess heat to build up.

Still, from a pure form factor basis, the Xbox Series X and GameCube look nice and cozy together, and maybe they’re even sharing a snicker at the end of early PlayStation 4 repair service.

Source: Twitter/@watosan_ship5 via Jin
Top image: Microsoft
Insert images: Twitter/@watosan_ship5
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