We can’t wait to see the stunning visuals in action!

Sailor Moon fans…get ready! After a a several-month delay due to the pandemic, the new two-part movie, Sailor Moon Eternal, is finally coming to Japanese theaters next month, and the newly-released key art has us completely pumped to see it!

That’s probably thanks to the fact that production company Toei Animation has been fairly secretive about the movie until now. They let out some visuals months ago to get fans excited for the beautiful art style, which seems to combine the best parts of the original anime and the latest Sailor Moon Crystal series, and they gave us some glimpses of what to expect in a pair of 30-second videos earlier this year, but they kept the full trailer completely under wraps until just last month.

▼ The full trailer

Now they’re releasing more and more visuals, and so far, the art is absolutely breathtaking! The first is a poster that was released together with the trailer last month, and features the beautiful, whimsical pastel coloring of the series that we love, with a slightly darker overtone.

In this poster, the four main Sailor Scouts stand together in a group looking sternly forward, as if facing a foe, as Sailor Chibi Moon, standing in the middle, clasps her hands together in prayer. Sailor Moon is superimposed above and behind them, also looking ready for battle. Between the determination on the Sailor Scouts’ faces and the soft coloring and angelic motifs of the poster, it’s both powerful and delicate, and beautifully represents the entire feel of the series.

The latest visual, just released on November 30, is quite a bit different, but no less gorgeous. It looks more like a hand-drawn cover of the manga than a digitally rendered CG poster. This new poster shows Sailor Moon lit by the light of the moon, face set with determination, as she seems to leap from in front of a mirror from which Queen Nehelenia of the Dark Moon Circus peers coldly. The two women, who represent light and dark, appear to be back to back, and their hands almost look as though they’re clasped through the glass, further highlighting their complicated connection.

The posters are absolutely gorgeous, combining the aesthetics and color palettes that we know and love from Sailor Moon with a more modern, soft CG design. They make us want to watch the movie even more! With just over a month left until Part 1 comes out in Japan on January 8, hopefully they’ll be releasing more enticing images to keep us excited for what’s to come.

If you love these posters as much as we do, you can enter to win one! The Sailor Moon Eternal official Twitter is hosting a special giveaway of the latest poster to five lucky fans. All you have to do is follow @sailor_movie and retweet the above tweet, and you can enter to win a copy of this beautiful work of art. Good luck!

Source: Nijimen, Sailor Moon Official
Top image: YouTube/sailormoon-official
Insert images: Sailor Moon Official (1, 2)
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