Practical? Maybe not. Gorgeous craftsmanship? Absolutely.

You may remember Tsuchiya Bag Co., the Tokyo-based leather-working company known for their quirky yet well-crafted bag designs. Back in August they wowed us with their beautiful handbag, perfectly designed for carrying a watermelon around. They promised more eccentric entries in the future, and with the first entry — a watermelon — being the perfect symbol of summer, Tsuchiya Bag Co. have now turned their attention to something much more fitting for the winter months – a snowman bag.

▼ It’s a bag for carrying around a little snowman.

It may not be the most necessary item right now, but there’s no denying that the craftsmanship is stunning. Leatherworker Yoko Matsuzawa took the reins for the latest entry in the ‘The Fun Of Carrying‘ series. The series sees skilled leather craftworkers creating whimsical leather bags designed to carry items of their choice. Matsuzawa decided to design a snowman bag, in the hope of recapturing every child’s secret wish of “If only I could bring this snowman home…!”

At a first glance, this may just look like a novelty item, but look closer and you can see just how much thought Matsuzawa has put into designing and making this bag. This is a bag made with extreme attention to detail and stitching prowess. This is the perfect snowman carrying bag.

▼ See how they made the bag in the video below

The bag is made of the same smooth, waterproof leather that the company used in their ‘Otona Randsel’ backpack, with the dark grey leather perfectly accentuating the pure white snowman. The intricate stitching and smooth-edge finishing really show off Matsuzawa’s skills as an expert leatherworker, as even the smallest slip or mistake would have ruined the whole bag.

The inner lining uses a cool, insulating material, and is made from a waterproof polyester not previously used in any Tsuchiya products. Even the zip is waterproof, so you can carry around your frosty pal without fear of any potential puddles.

The outline of the bag is already perfectly snowman-shaped, so your chilly companion will fit snugly inside. There’s also a loading deck, so you can safely remove your snowman without it falling over.

And of course, no snowman is complete without his nose, and Matsuzawa thinks so too–so much so that the Snowman Bag even includes a pocket specifically for any nasal accessories you might need. We recommend a good old fashioned carrot, but the bag includes a stylish leather nose that you can attach with the fittings included.

As perfect as this bag may seem for snowman fanatics, like the watermelon bag, it’s for display only, and can be seen at Tsuchiya Bag Co. stores around Japan for a limited time. As a traditional snowman looks similar to the number 8, the bag has been on display from December 18th and will travel to various stores around the country, listed below.

Tsuchiya Roppongi (Tokyo): December 18-January 8
Tsuchiya Shibuya (Tokyo): December 21-January 8
Tsuchiya Umeda (Osaka): January 10-January 31
Tsuchiya Kyoto: January 10-January 31
Tsuchiya Nagoya: February 3-February 28
Tsuchiya Fukuoka: February 3-February 28

While it’s certainly getting colder here in Japan, it’s not snowing everywhere, so if you’re lacking the materials to make your own snowman buddy, here’s an adorable (and delicious!) alternative you can try!

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Source, images: PR Times

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