Designed to perfectly fit that watermelon that you are obviously trying to carry around everywhere.

Last year, Tsuchiya Bag Co. came up with the great idea of advertising their top-of-the-line bags with a bag designed specifically to carry a watermelon. As we all know, watermelons can be heavy and awkward to hold, so the idea of being able to carry the fruit in a specially designed bag, as if it were a bowling ball, instantly grabbed everyone’s attention.

However, the bag, unlike many of their other slightly-niche products, was a one-off and wasn’t actually for sale. It was part of a design project called The Fun of Carrying alongside a bag suited to carry a tiny, adorable snowman.

But guess what? Now the watermelon bag is coming to stores, and you can own its comfy, canteloupe-carrying class for your very own! The watermelon bag will be sold at nine Tsuchiya Bag Co. stores across Japan starting from July 9 and will be available for online order from July 15.

▼ The bag is fashioned together from 60 small pieces to enable it to carry the melon.

The bag is intended to fit a melon measured L to 2L, according to Japan’s standardized melon sizing. It also looks tremendously cute, peeping out from the top of the classy brown leather. And what leather! Tsuchiya Bag Co. has spared no expense, crafting this curious little bag out of top-grade Vachetta leather.

The interior is furnished with a darker leather intended to minimize scratches and general wear-and-tear, while also ensuring that your precious melon stays as cozy and comfortable as possible. And before snootily deriding this as just a gimmicky bag that’s all style and no substance, consider this—the bag really is the perfect tool to carry a watermelon around and its engineering proves as much.

▼ Eight adjustable button closures allow you to tailor the mouth of the bag to your melon.

Not only is the bag adjustable to ensure that the melon is snug and supported, but it thoroughly ensconces the fruit within to ensure that it won’t splat out and make an expensive mess on the sidewalk. Its handle is easy to hold in your hand and distributes the weight evenly, meaning it won’t cut into your hand and make you regret buying such a bulky indulgence in the first place.

Which, speaking of bulky indulgences, brings us to the price. You see, this is the pinnacle of watermelon-toting devices and is crafted with the skill and artistry of professionals, using some of the best materials available. So you won’t wince too hard when we tell you that it costs 110,000 yen (US$993.77), right? Or that there are only 21 available for sale?

Think of it this way: that’s way cheaper than a Yubari melon at peak season. So really, all melon maniacs owe it to themselves to at least consider buying a watermelon bag. Right? …Right?

Source: Tsuchiya Bag Co. via PR Times“>PR Times
Top image: Tsuchiya Bag Co.
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