Adult department store M’s’ eroticism expert picks out a blind-buy bundle for women and couples that includes a tube of Surprisingly Gooey Feeling Super Gooey Type.

We can’t overstate how prevalent blind-buy fukubukuro/lucky bags are at New Year’s in Japan. Starbucks sells them. Anime specialty shop Animate sells them. And yes, even “adult department store” M’s sells them.

Calling your business an adult department store might sound redundant, since aren’t most of the people you’ll find shopping for clothes at a department store adults? However, in M’s’ case the “adult” part of “adult department store” is the same as the one in “adult toy shop,” in that it specializes in products designed to make sexy times more pleasurable. The “department store” part is reference to the prodigious size of the chain’s branch in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood, which is six floors above ground and even has some subterranean penetration with a basement level.

Our Japanese-language reporter Tasuku Egawa makes it a point to make a pilgrimage to M’s every New Year’s to buy their fukubukuro, and this year’s edition cost him 2,980 yen (US$29). He actually had a choice between two versions, the men’s bag or the women’s/couples’ bag, both with their contents selected by M’s’ “eroticism expert.”

Tasuku opted for the women’s/couple’s bag (which is actually more of a box). Once back home, he opened it up and found four items inside.

Apparently Tasuku is bold enough to make buying the M’s lucky bag an annual personal tradition, but still squeamish enough to mosaic his photos. As a result, we’ll have to rely more heavily on his written account of the contents.

First off, there was a package of Bath Powder to Make you Moist and Gooey, basically a personal lubricant that you prepare in your bathtub. The fukubukuro also contained a tube of Surprisingly Gooey Feeling Super Gooey Type liquid lubricant.

▼ Bath Powder to Make you Moist and Gooey

On the electronics side, the bundle contained two personal-pleasuring devices: a Powerful Electric Massager and the evocatively named Powerful Little Devil-Style Gadget That’s Suitable for Your Hole in the Back.

Finally, there were three boxes of condoms, which made sense since this was the bag M’s recommended for couples.

At 2,980 yen, Tasuku didn’t think it was a bad deal, and M’s 2021 fukubukuro is actually 10 yen cheaper than last year’s was. However, the 2020 bag included a remote-control massager, and in the current health climate where social distancing is so important, he couldn’t help but feel that sticking two non-remote controllable devices into the 2021 bag is a bit of an oversight. He was also kind of sad that the Bath Powder to Make you Moist and Gooey is a single-use packet, meaning that it’s one and done for the fun, so really M’s 2021 fukubukuro should be seen more as a sampler, and not a single-box kit to get you through the whole year.

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