“I’ve always hated snow, but looking at this I’m kind of jealous lol.”

In some parts of Japan, winter is no joke. There can be so much snow that even getting off the train is dangerous, or there can be so much ice that police officers can construct entire cars out of it.

And sometimes, when way too much snow falls, it’s impossible to even leave your home. So what do you do in that situation? Hunker down and wait for it to melt? Start digging a tunnel back to civilization?

Nah. Just be like @no_name_20xx on Twitter and put the snow to work for you.

“When it gets like this, those who have the most fun win.”

Of course! Why walk all the way to the kitchen for a Kirin beer when you can just turn the outside of your window into a refrigerator instead?

First off, that is a very impressive amount of snow. And second, this idea may be even more ingenious than at first glance. In Japan, most apartments and many houses don’t have central heating — instead they rely on single space-heating units. So if you’re snug and cozy in the living room with your heater on and the doors to the other rooms shut, trekking into the cold kitchen for a drink where you can see your breath is not the most enticing idea.

But if you make the perilous journey once, bring back an armful of bounty, then take advantage of mother nature’s gift of a natural refrigerator, you’ll never have to leave the warm comfort of the living room again.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the snowy strategy:

“I’ve always hated snow, but looking at this I’m kind of jealous lol.”
“It looks like the bottom ones are huddled together for warmth.”
“I’ve been inspired to turn my own life’s negatives into positives now.”
“That’s going to chill them even more nicely than a regular fridge.”
“So that’s what snow is for!”

Some commenters expressed concern that the liquid itself would freeze inside the can, but others said that depending on the alcohol content, the freezing point would likely be below zero, so they should be fine.

Others shared their own photos of cooling cans outside their windows.

“This is what it looks like when I open my window.
Letting them cool and forgetting about them is the best.”

“Fun! Just be careful of them freezing. I think the Strong cans are okay.”

“That looks fun so I tried it myself, though the photo didn’t come out very well.”

“If you’re gonna cool something, gotta go with champagne.”

▼ And there were many comparisons to the eight cans looking like Among Us characters. For some reason, being trapped inside due to snow fits the game a little too well….

Snow is like nature’s Play-Doh, it can be used to create a ton of awesome things, and it can be just as much fun to watch them get destroyed too.

Source: Twitter/@no_name_20xx via My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@no_name_20xx
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