Second installment of a 30-second ad series shows a father bonding with his baby…and some Morinaga Milk products, of course.

Japan has aired too many delightful animated commercials to count in recent years, from Häagen-Dazs’ Moon on the Spoon ice cream commercial to the tearjerkingly beautiful miso ad featuring an elderly couple. The trend shows no sign of abating and the animated touch does emphasize an already sentimental message, meaning consumers are extra-likely to link the warm fuzzy feelings they get from watching the commercial with the brand logo that pops up at the end.

Morinaga Milk, a company renowned for dairy products, sweets, drinks, and baby formula, has thrown their hat into the ring with a brand new series of 30-second commercials titled Radiant Smiles (kagayaku egao).

▼ The first ad shows a mother encouraging her son with big meals and some Pino ice cream.

January 19 saw the arrival of the second ad in the four-piece commercial campaign. This time the protagonist is a young father bonding with his son, which definitely reflects a societal shift in Japan, where child-rearing is still seen as the primary domain of mothers. This is often reflected in media, even despite outliers like the loveable dad from My Neighbor Totoro.

▼ The new fatherly ad is titled “Small Steps“.

We’re shown an eager young dad taking photos with his son, feeding him a delicious squeezable drink, and tucking him into bed. Then, when enjoying a tasty branded coffee with his wife, his son begins to cry. The mother gets up to soothe him, but wait! The father goes to him instead, reassuring his partner that he’s got this covered.

By placing their products deftly throughout this sweet, supportive set of scenes, Morinaga Milk clearly intends for viewers to turn to them for comfort in these unfamiliar new times, and promise to deliver on both “deliciousness and good health”, which is their slogan at the end of the ad.

There are still two remaining ads to air, though if you want a sneak-peek you can take a look at this reel of production footage.

▼ This clip shows footage of Small Steps as well as the remaining two shorts.

If you’re feeling soft and toasty inside from all that adorable anime ad energy, cool down with one of Morinaga Milk’s very own beverages: a frosty, drinkable soft serve! Or maybe a serving of mayonnaise ice cream?

Source: PR Times
Top image: YouTube/森永乳業公式チャンネル

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