Morinaga Milk

Experience the cherry blossoms early this year with AR flower art and Morinaga foods

A popular digital art exhibition arrives in the palm of your hand this year!

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Morinaga Milk’s new cuddly commercial series shows snapshots of Japanese family warmth【Video】

Second installment of a 30-second ad series shows a father bonding with his baby…and some Morinaga Milk products, of course.

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This ice cream’s special Okinawan ingredient will do more to keep away the heat

Regular readers may be aware that we’ve done a fair amount of reporting recently on the unrelenting heat here in Japan and on ways to battle the sweltering temperatures. Naturally, eating cold or frozen snacks is one way to cool down, but now major Japanese dairy manufacturer Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. has now come out with an ice cream with a special ingredient that does more than keep you cool. The secret is a special ingredient that, although commonly used in cooking, is not what you would typically expect to find in an ice cream!

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