Gen-II Legendary Pokémon is in its natural habitat as Pokéfuta project comes to Ikaruga.

When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty amazing just how densely populated the Pokémon world is with wild Pocket Monster species. Whether we’re talking about anime protagonist Ash or the player Trainers of the Pokémon video games, they’re unlikely to go more than a few moments without encountering some sort of adorable and/or powerful creature that’s listed in the Pokédex.

Our real world isn’t quite at that level yet, but we’re getting there thanks to the continuing Pokémon manhole cover project. A partnership between the Pokémon Company and local community tourism organizations, each Pokémon manhole cover (or Pokéfuta, as they’re called in Japanese) features one or more species, and the newest batch, including a Legendary Pokémon, has just started appeared in Nara Prefecture.

▼ Pikachu oversees the installation, but wouldn’t he look even cuter with a hardhat of his own?

Nara is getting five Pokéfuta, all in the town of Ikaruga, which is located in the northwestern part of the prefecture. Starting things off is Entei. He’s an appropriate choice since he’s one of the Legendary Beasts introduced in the second generation of Pokémon, found in the game/anime’s Johto region, which is itself based on Japan’s actual Kansai region, of which Nara is a part.

Nara is also strongly associated with deer, thanks to the herds of the animals that roam freely around Nara City’s Nara Park, so it makes sense for Deerling to be represented, in this case accompanied by Fletchinder.

The other covers feature Growlithe and Bellsprout amidst a shower of cherry blossom petals…

Magby and several Chimechos dancing underneath a Poké Ball windchime

…and, finally, Simisear looking ready to ring Bronzong’s literal bell.

The Entei, Growlithe/Bellsprout Magby/Chimecho covers are already in place, and the Deerling/Fletchinder and Simisear/Bronzong Pokéfuta will be installed later this month. Maps with exact locations within Ikaruga can be found here on the official Pokéfuta website. Oh, and if you’re looking for other things to see in Nara, don’t forget about beautiful Hasedera Temple.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Pokéfuta official website
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