That brings Miyazaki’s total number of Pokémon manhole covers up to 26!

Most people might only recognize July 4 as the U.S.’s national Independence Day, but for Pokémon fans, July 4 is also Exeggutor Day!

In sunny, southern Miyazaki Prefecture, whose most beloved Pokémon is Exeggutor, that means it was cause for a huge celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to unveil new Exeggutor-themed Pokéfuta manhole covers?

There are nine new covers that are each located in a new municipality in Mizayaki, depicting their most scenic spots. Each and every one features Exeggutor, whether in its Kanto or Alola form, as well as one of 10 other Pokémon, depending on the location. The Pokéfuta in the town of Takachiho, for example, features the mythical Pokémon Regigigas together with Exeggutor in front of the locale’s famous Takachiho Gorge and its beautiful waterfall.

Other manhole covers throughout Miyazaki will have illustrations of Smoochum, Gulpin, Slakoth, Golurk, Sigilyph, and three of the Regi Pokémon: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel (together with Exeggutor, of course). They’re located in Takaharu, Kunitomi, Aya, Nishimera, Shiiba, Morotuska, Gokase, and Hinokage, respectively–adding to the seventeen Pokéfuta already dotting the prefecture and ensuring that all of the 26 municipalities of Miyazaki have one.

Of course, each of the new Pokéfuta is also being turned into a PokéStop in Pokémon Go, so you can have even more ways to enjoy Pokémon Go, and you can check out some of the most beautiful places in Japan at the same time.

Source, images: PR Times
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