Can’t visit all the Pokéfuta around Japan? Why not collect them?

If you’ve been following Japan’s Pokéfuta journey, you might know that by now half of Japan’s prefectures are outfitted with Pokémon-decorated manhole covers, with 224 in total out there. That’s a lot of Pokéfuta! And while you may reserve the hope of one day getting to “see ’em all”, travel isn’t always possible, so instead, you can “buy ’em all” at variety chainstore Village Vanguard!

They’ve just released the latest in a line of Pokéfuta merchandise, the first of which featured five different designs. This time the accessories are themed by prefecture, with Pokéfuta from Aomori, Miyazaki, Nara, Kyoto, Tokyo, Miyagi, and Hokkaido. They come in five different forms: aluminum badges (385 yen [US$2.93]), rubber keychains (715 yen), postcards (220 yen), mini Pokéfutas (6,600 yen), and black and white mugs with full-color rubber lids (1,980 yen).

Only the Aomori, Miyazaki, Kyoto, and Nara collections contain a mini Pokéfuta and a mug and rubber lid, which both come in one design for each of the prefectures. Out of Aomori’s two Pokéfuta designs, the mug and mini Pokéfuta make use of the Geodude and Wingull design, while the Pyukumuku design comes in the form of a badge, keychain, and postcard.

Miyazaki has much more variety of Pokéfuta — 26, in fact, although the accessories feature only the nine most recent designs, which are all of Exeggutor, since it’s Miyazaki’s favorite Pokémon. The main one, featured on the mug and as the mini Pokéfuta, is of a dancing Kanto Exeggutor.

Nara’s five Pokéfuta contain lots of fire types and of course Deerling, after the city of Nara’s famous deer population. The main featured Pokéfuta is of Bronzong and Simisear, but you can also buy each of the others in smaller forms, including the Entei one, which is, in my opinion, the coolest.

Last of the Pokéfuta accessories that include a mug and a mini Pokéfuta is the Kyoto collection, which features five designs, including the awesome Ho-Oh one, which is used on the mug and as the mini Pokéfuta.

Though the Tokyo, Miyagi, and Hokkaido accessories come only as a postcard, aluminum badge, and rubber keychain, there are still lots to choose from. Tokyo offers its four from Ogasawara Island, featuring Charizard, Venosaur, Blastoise, and Mew…

Miyagi has a whopping twenty, with every one of them featuring the graceful water Pokémon Lapras, Miyagi’s tourism ambassador.

Hokkaido offers four of its Vulpix-themed Pokéfuta. Both Alolan and Kanto Vulpix are represented since they are the Pokémon tourism representatives for the prefecture.

Now you have the opportunity to collect 51 of the 224 Pokéfuta out there (plus the five previously released)! They’ll be available in Village Vanguard stores around the country or online at Village Vanguard’s official online shop starting on August 5, so don’t wait to add them to your collection!

Source, images: PR Times
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