Well, for the little icons on the door signs, at the very least.

Separating bathrooms by gender has become something of a thorny issue in recent years. Though separating stalls by gender (or indeed sexuality) has its issues, the attitudes towards unisex bathrooms in Japan mean that they’re unlikely to change any time soon, meaning any hapless person stumbling into the wrong room is still likely to face criminal charges.

Meanwhile, someone in charge of gachapon toys clearly decided that the unisex symbol for toilets, a red “woman” figure and a blue “man” figure separated by a black line, weren’t quite liberated enough. In keeping with Valentine’s season, they transcend the black barrier between the two and allow them to cavort with each other as freely as they wish.

▼ “Liberated Man and Woman” figures come in six types for 200 yen (US$1.90) a try.

Creator Tama-Kyu is no stranger to bizarre gachapon lines, having recently come out with a line of random bear trap toys as well as a stack of karate bricks for you to chop into submission, so this new venture into the world of sentient signs doesn’t surprise us at all.

The figures come in six different styles:

    • Lun-lun♪ (Lalala♪): The man and woman skip merrily in hand, singing a happy song.
    • Saitei! (You’re the worst!): The woman slaps the man for a perceived affront.
    • Kabedon (Wall slam): The man slams his palm against the wall the woman is standing against.
    • Titanic: “I’ll never let go, Man.”
    • Ahaha♡: The man joyfully spins the woman around.
    • Pillow Talk: Apparently things went very well between the man and the woman. Good for them!

In short, the figures seem to act out a tiny romantic drama for the man and woman in the toilet sign. Personally, if I could only win one, I know which would be my choice.

▼ Just like a scene out of a love hotel.

We can’t wait for a follow-up series. If they need some real-world inspiration, how about this rambunctious deer?

Source: Tama Kyu via Netlab
Images: Tama Kyu
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