Amazing views for a sky-high price.

More people live in Tokyo than in any other city in Japan. Well, technically, a lot of them live above Tokyo, since as you get closer to downtown, street-level building space is almost entirely taken up by businesses, with apartments and condominiums on higher floors.

So as the city grows, it grows upwards, and it’s just been announced that a new building in Tokyo’s Minato Ward will have the highest-altitude homes in all of Japan.

Property developer Mori Building is carrying out construction on a currently unnamed building in the Toranomon/Azabudai neighborhood that will stand 64 floors tall when it’s finished. Mori has announced that the top 11 floors will be used for condominium housing, with heights between 260 and 330 meters (853 to 1,083 feet) above the street.

For reference, Tokyo Tower’s Main Deck observation floor is a measly 150 meters high, and its Top Deck is still just 250 meters. Even the absolute tip of the tower’s spire, at 333 meters, is just barely taller than the top floor of the new condominium block, meaning the new homes will have some amazing views of the city as well as landmarks such as Mt. Fuji on clear days.

Coincidentally, in Japanese the word for “high,” takai, is also the word for “expensive,” and both meanings will be unquestionably applicable to the 91-unit condo project, which is to be called Aman Residence Tokyo. While exact pricing hasn’t been announced, analysts expect units to go for several billion yen (tens of millions US$).

Sources: PR Times, Goo/Kyodo via Otakomu
Top image: PR Times
Insert image: Wikipedia/Fæ
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