Singer and actress Naoko Ken proves you can be rockstar gorgeous at any age.

Makeup videos are always popular on YouTube, but not all of them can boast over two million views in a week like this one from Japanese actress and singer Naoko Ken.

For those unfamiliar with Ken’s celebrity status, here’s a little background for you: the 67-year-old first made her debut as an enka singer in 1971, became a chart-topping singer in 1976, was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession in 1977, made a triumphant return with popular hits in the ’80s and a string of Japanese music awards, before etching out a long-term career as a comedic TV personality.

A big part of Ken’s popular appeal is her ability to have fun and not take herself too seriously, and this is a trait that’s amassed her close to 94,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which was only established in March last year.

Now, a year after she first started on YouTube, Ken has created her most popular video to date, which currently has 2.4 million views. Titled “Over 60 | This is How I Do Makeup”, the video shows Ken going from a completely bare face to a fully made-up one, and the transformation is truly remarkable.

▼ Take a look at the video, with English subtitles, below:

During the video, Ken can be seen using both high-end products from Shiseido and drugstore brands like Maybelline and Kate to enhance her features, with the star proudly saying she’s never been one to follow makeup trends. She also tells viewers that natural makeup doesn’t suit her, and she likes to concentrate on enhancing her eyes, revealing that her eyeliner style was inspired by Cleopatra.

The before-and-after transformation is truly impressive, and Ken’s natural, relaxed character and casual chitchat through the video is connecting with viewers of all ages from around the world, who’ve left comments like:

“Loving the red lips, false eyelashes and rockstar make-up, she’s so cool”
“She’s the only big Japanese female talent I know of who’s comfortable showing herself without makeup.”
“Just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean you have to stick to a subdued ‘over-60s’ makeup style!”
“Not only is she a talented singer, she’s funny and great at makeup too!”
“I’m 20 and I want to grow up to be like her!”

Ken’s makeup tutorials are proving to be incredibly popular, with a previous upload from a month ago also gaining over 1 million views.

One of our favourite videos, though, has to be her first one, where she dressed up as Amabie, the long-haired water-dwelling yokai with the power to ward off plagues.

She may be over 60 but Ken’s stardom is still rising, thanks to her growing popularity on YouTube. And with her likeable personality and impressive makeup skills, we’ve got our fingers crossed for a collaboration in future with Maybelline or maybe Kate, seeing as they’ve already teamed up with another surprising woman–Rei Ayanami from Evangelion.

Images: YouTube/研ナオコ Naoko Ken
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