Fans will be able to visit Arendelle, Rapunzel’s tower, and one more classic Disney setting.

Thursday was a festive occasion at Tokyo Disneyland, as it marked the 38th anniversary of the park’s opening. However, the managers of Tokyo Disney Resort chose this day to give a present to its other park, Tokyo Disney Sea, and to Disney fans in general by announcing and previewing a massive expansion that will bring the world of three more Disney animated franchises, two modern and one classic, to Disney Sea.

The collected name for the new area, or “theme port,” to use Disney Sea’s terminology, will be Fantasy Springs, and the biggest draw will no doubt be its section devoted to Frozen (or “Anna and the Snow Queen” as it’s known in Japan).

Rather than a CG-rendered mockup, Disney Sea has gone old-school in its preview, showing off lovely concept illustrations and a 1:50-scale model of Fantasy Springs. The Frozen area will include a recreation of Arendelle Castle, and towering behind and above it, Elsa’s crystalline ice fortress.

▼ The model doesn’t show guests walking up the snowy mountain, but all the space underneath its peak looks like it’d be a perfect place for a dark ride or indoor roller coaster.

Moving on to another relatively young member of the Disney Animated Canon, Fantasy Springs will also let you visit the tower Rapunzel escapes from in Tangled (or “Rapunzel at the Top of the Tower” to Japanese fans).

And last, Fantasy Springs reaches back into Disney history, and aligns with Disney Sea’s nautical name, with the pirate ship from Peter Pan (known in Japan as, well, Peter Pan, since Disney’s local marketing team wasn’t as into tinkering with titles back in the day).

▼ Fantasy Springs will also have a fountain with what appears to be a giant stone Cinderella, perhaps implying that the glass-slipper-wearing princess was actually a troll or rock golem all along.

No specific details have been given yet regarding attractions, shops, or restaurants, though it’s safe to assume there will be plenty of each. Disney Sea has said, though, that Fantasy Springs will add about 140,000 square meters (1,506,947 square feet) to the park, making it the largest expansion in the facility’s history, and will open in 2023.

Source: Livedoor News/Oricon News
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