Suspect admits it was a crime of passion.

From shoes to tennis rackets, everything seems to have some innate erotic quality to one person or another out there. And that’s fine, but it’s when these desires drive people to violate the property of others that it becomes a problem. This is true not only for the victims but the perpetrators too, who often get caught in rather embarrassing situations as the fetishes they’ve resorted to crime in order to keep concealed suddenly become national news.

Case in point is a 25-year-old man in Fukuoka City who was caught red-handed attempting to steal the uniform of a woman he fancied from afar. The incident occurred some time after 8 p.m. on 14 April, when the suspect broke into a knickknack shop inside a shopping center.

While inside the store’s back room he put on the sweatshirt and apron of a female employee and then tried to make his escape. However, a security guard on patrol spotted the man and turned him over to police. In custody, the young office worker admitted that he had been “overcome with sexual desire” after spotting the employee inside the shop during business hours.

▼ Fun fact: In Japanese, hooded sweatshirts are often called “parkas”

It was that leap in logic from seeing a woman you like to committing a felony so you can wear her apron that lost many readers online.

“I’m not sure what he wanted to accomplish, but it doesn’t look good.”
“I think this is bad, but I just feel sorry for the guy. He’s got problems.”
“That’s too gross.”
“It starts with stealing aprons but can escalate to something really bad. These people need GPS trackers.”
“I can’t even understand a millimeter of this person’s thought process.”
“That shopping center should really be concerned about its security.”

In defense of the mall’s security, the guy was quickly arrested. However, he didn’t really seem like a master thief either. I mean, inconspicuousness really is the cornerstone of the crime, and aprons – as useful as they otherwise are – simply do not help in this regard at all.

Hopefully in custody he’ll get the help he needs and while he gets first place for worst getaway attempt, he can rest assured that he’s neither the grossest nor weirdest burglar of his kind, because those titles go to the guy who stole rubber boots covered in chicken guts and the guy who stole piano covers respectively.

Source: Real Live
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