Nintendo star and TAG Heuer want you to think of the step counter like a power-up system.

Mario has to have a jam-packed schedule, right? Between saving princesses, collecting stars, racing go-karts, playing golf and tennis, and his on-and-off plumbing career, the Nintendo mascot no doubt plans his days down to the minute.

And if you’ve also got a need to be on time, TAG Heuer now has a Super Mario smartwatch for you.

It’s part of the Swiss watchmaker’s Connected series, but TAG Heuer says it isn’t partnering with Mario because of his punctuality so much as his physical activity lifestyle. Wanting to add a fun, game-like element to the watch’s wellness functionality, the candidate that immediately came to mind was Mario, who TAG Heuer describes as “a super-active character whose toughness and determination gets him through any challenge.”

With an all-digital face, the watch can be reconfigured into one of five different Mario motifs, including one that’s a throwback to the original Super Mario Bros.’ 8-bit pixel art…

…and another that’s a more subtle nod to the series with a scatterin of mushrooms.

But the coolest feature is how the Nintendo character figures into the watch’s pedometer. After setting your target number of steps for the day, you’re rewarded with animated sequences for hitting milestones along the way!

At 25 percent, Mario powers up and grows larger with a Super Mushroom. He pops out of a Warp Pipe at 50, goes into invincible mode at 75, and once you reach your goal for the day, Mario does too by hopping onto one his games’ level-ending flagpoles.

▼ The watch’s preview video

You also get some nice analog touches, like the stylized Mario M on the dial and clasp.

The Super Mario TAG Heuer Connected is limited to a run of 2,000 units, priced at 253,000 yen (US$2,300), and offered through the company’s online store and its Japanese physical locations in Tokyo’s Ginza, and Omotesando neighborhoods, as well as Kawasaki’s La Zona and Osaka’s Shinsaibashi.

Source: PR Times
Top image: TAG Heuer
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