It may not be Mario, but you can practically hear the character shout “It’s me!”

Japan is a great place for fungiphiles, what with all of its gourmet mushrooms. Among them, the shiitake is especially prized, and so Japanese Twitter user @konel_bread didn’t need to say much more than simply “Shiitake..” when posting a video that starts with a knife held above what looks like a gigantic example of one.

As the blade smoothly slices downwards, foodies’ mouths are no doubt watering, but when it gets to the very bottom and lops off a layer it turns out this video isn’t for fans of mushrooms at all.

Instead, it’s for fans of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise as a whole, because that’s no shiitake, it’s a Goomba!

True to the name, @konel_bread is a “bread artist,” and this latest project salutes Mario’s age-old foe。 As for the shiitake shout-out, high-ranking members of Nintendo itself have said that the Goombas are inspired by the mushroom species, even as many Japanese gamers assume they’re chestnuts because of the different name they have in Japanese versions of the games.

But no matter what you call the creatures/characters, @konel_bread’s amazing edible fan art is truly mind-blowing, even if the secrets of how it was made are being kept under wraps. Plus, with the rough day the Goombas had at Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World earlier this month, it’s nice to see one of them bounce back.

Source: Twitter/@konel_bread via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@konel_bread
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