One of the few places in Tokyo serving Geisha Coffee at an affordable price. 

On 17 September, Uniqlo unveiled its totally revamped global flagship store in Tokyo’s swanky Ginza district. The refurbishment of the 12-storey complex coincided with the brand’s tenth anniversary, and the icing on the cake for customers was the announcement of a special cafe space on the top floor, where Uniqlo coffee would be served for the very first time.

We popped by to find out what the cafe space was like, taking the elevator all the way up past the clothing levels, to the “Special Floor” at the very top.

▼ When we arrived, a bright neon sign welcomed us to the cafe space, which ran along the length of one wall.

The cafe space offers dine-in and takeout options, and though there were only five counter seats next to the cash register, we were lucky enough to nab a seat for ourselves. It was a good thing we did, because we ordered the two coffees they had on the menu – the Uniqlo Original Blend and the Geisha Bean Hand Drip Coffee, priced at 200 yen (US$1.81) and 450 yen respectively, and the Geisha variety required a bit of a wait, as it’s hand-dripped slowly for about five minutes.

We also picked up a pack of cookies branded with the Uniqlo logo and made by the longstanding and well-known Western confectionery store, Ginza West.

At 200 yen for a pack of two, the cookies weren’t cheap, but these were definitely high-quality sweets, with a rich aroma of butter and a delectable crunchy texture.

They were the perfect accompaniment to the coffees, which we chose to try without sugar or milk, although those options are available for customers to add themselves. We took a sip of the original coffee first, and found it to be strong in flavour with a satisfying bitterness. It tasted much better than we expected for its 200-yen price point.

The Geisha Hand-Drip Coffee, on the other hand, had a much more complex flavour. It displayed less bitterness and more of a deep acidity, with a refreshing finish that made us understand why Geisha (or Gesha) coffee beans are becoming so sought after around the world.

▼ It’s quite rare to be able to drink Geisha coffee at this price point, and it’s only available in limited quantities, so be sure to give it a try if it’s in stock!

The high-quality butter and crushed cashew nuts used in the cookies helped to create a good depth of taste and satisfying contrast in flavour to bring out the best of both coffees. You’d be hard-pressed to find a coffee-and-sweets combo like this for 600 yen anywhere else in the Ginza neighbourhood!

Whether you’re shopping inside the Uniqlo complex, or looking for a cheap and quick pick-me-up while in the neighbourhood, the new cafe stand on the 12th floor is a great option to keep in mind. And while you’re there you might want to pop by the new Uniqlo Flower Stand, which is modelled on the one filled with blooms at the Harajuku store.

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