A very sweet take on a classic Studio Ghibli anime film. 

In amongst all the conflict and explosions shown in the 1986 Ghibli movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky, one thing that stays with audiences long after the movie has ended is the gentle, silent sweetness of the nature-loving Laputian robot who tends to the castle’s garden.

Now, talented husband-and-wife team Whip Sugar has captured the gentle, silent sweetness of the giant robot in stunning edible form.

When Twitter user @YuicihiroG, the husband from Whip Sugar, shared these photos online with a message saying, “The sugar robot soldier my wife made is amazing“, his words of praise were really an understatement.

The attention to detail is truly mind-blowing, with every sheet of metal on the arms and legs perfectly replicating the ones seen on the robot soldier from the film.

▼ The robot’s long arms are a defining feature in the movie.

Image: Studio Ghibli

There’s incredible detail on the face and torso too, with specks of green icing individually piped onto the chest and shoulders to create a grassy, mossy effect.

▼ Whip Sugar didn’t just make the robot – they made some teeny tiny fox squirrels as well!

The whole thing was presented as if we were seeing the world of Laputa before our very eyes, with cubes of sugar becoming grass-covered blocks of stone, and an additional robot broken into pieces, reminding us of the destroyed one that fell to the ground in the film.

And because this robot is, at its heart, essentially a sugar cookie, there’s no reason why it can’t go for a dip in a mug of coffee!

That photo above melted a lot of people’s hearts online, who expressed both happiness and concern for the fantastically well-made robot.

“It’s sinking!”
“No, it’s floating.”
“The robot’s just taking a bath.”
“It’s enjoying a bubble bath!”
“The quality is amazing – it makes it even more surreal to see it sinking into the sea.”
“That image is heartbreaking!”

Whip Sugar has a terrific response to those heartbroken by the sight of the soldier partially submerged in liquid, saying: “As sugar, it’s completed its mission.

That sentiment is beautifully in line with the mood of the movie, but still, there’s no denying that a lot of heart went into making this mound of sugar, as shown in this behind-the-scenes video below.

Whenever one sweet story ends, another one begins, and now we can’t wait to see what Whip Sugar will whip up next!

Until then, you can always feast your eyes on their many beautiful creations on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, where you’ll find amazing works of edible art featuring characters like Psyduck from Pokémon and Haru Urara from Uma Musume.

Source: Twitter/@YuicihiroG via Net Lab 
Featured image: Twitter/@YuicihiroG
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