We buy adorable chick-shaped sugar cubes in Nagoya, realize the horror of using them

Making food cute is not always a good thing…

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Super sweet office romance manga produced by Japan Agriculture about the power of sugar

Business woman Toko and her subordinate Sato-kun are getting sweet with each other.

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How to make the best dalgona cookies from Squid Game

Simple recipe with tips and hacks from South Korea will give you perfect results every time.

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Japanese sugar artist astounds fans with edible robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky【Video】

A very sweet take on a classic Studio Ghibli anime film. 

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Nagoya University develops rice plant that grows pure sugar

Would a rice by any other genome taste as sweet?

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Japanese man invented an app that visualizes how much sugar is in a drink, and everyone wants it

The app isn’t even available yet, but people are clamoring to get it!

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Would a Pancake by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet? Apparently No, No It Would Not

If I was to suggest that there was a difference between “pancakes” and “hotcakes” you’d probably say, “You’re crazy. Get off my internet!”

And yet if you go into a supermarket in Japan you will find two products made by the same company distinctly classified as “Hotcake Mix” (hottoke-ki mikkusu) and “Pancake Mix” (panke-ki mikkusu).

Either this is some clever ruse concocted by the pancake cartels of Japan or maybe they tapped into something we always knew subconsciously but never fully realized.

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