Pazu is ready to catch anything as part of this new collection. 

This year marks 35 years since Studio Ghibli’s animated feature film Laputa: Castle in the Sky made its debut in Japanese cinemas, and to mark the occasion, the animation studio is releasing a new lineup of anniversary goods through the Donguri Kyowakoku (“Acorn Republic”) retail chain.

The highlight of the range is a product called “Laputa: Castle in the Sky Catch Anything”, which shows one of the leading stars of the film, young orphan Pazu, with his arms outstretched, recalling the scene from the film where he holds out his arms to catch Sheeta as she floats down from the sky.

Unlike the character from the film, however, this Pazu has a piece of plastic jutting out from his back, which allows him to catch things not only from the front, but the back as well.

▼ The functional figurine is a compact 16.5 centimetres (6.5 inches) in height, and 7.5 centimetres wide by 7 centimetres deep.

That piece of plastic at the back is perfectly positioned to keep your glasses in place, allowing it to look like Pazu has not only caught your glasses, but is sort of wearing them as well. The neat design allows the character to “catch” all sorts of items, like pens, jewellery, and even makeup, and it’s priced at 5,280 yen (US$46.17).

Another new item Ghibli fans will love is the Laputa: Castle in the Sky Pazu and Sheeta Bread Pouch, priced at 2,200 yen.

Measuring 13.5 by 13 centimetres across, and with a width of 4 centimetres, this soft pouch comes with a sweet patch on the back showing the scene from the film where the two main characters eat fried egg on bread.

▼ Now you too can enjoy the same anime meal eaten by the characters from the film!

Finally, we have the Laputa: Castle in the Sky Dola Family Bandana, which measure 52 centimetres in height and width, and is priced at 1,210 yen. There’s no doubting who’s the head of this strong troupe of individuals, with Dola taking pride of place in the middle, alongside the words: “The world’s most dangerous family! Dola is a big bad mama! Fierce, wild, brutal.” 

To top off the release, orders over 4,000 yen that include at least one of these products will be able to choose one of two free presents, which are not available for sale. Eligible customers can receive either a tin mirror

▼ …or a poster featuring Laputa, the castle in the sky.

The special anniversary products will be available to purchase online and in Donguri Kyowakoku stores from 23 October.

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Source, images: PR Times

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