A very different way to enjoy Japan’s beloved fish-shaped sweet.

Since they first appeared in Tokyo in 1909, taiyaki have become incredibly popular throughout Japan, where you can now buy them filled with unorthodox fillings like blue cream and okonomiyaki.

For many, though, the original tried-and-true combination of sweet red bean paste encased in a chewy pancake-like casing is a moreish marriage that can’t be beaten, and for Japanese liquor maker Meiri Shurui, the flavours are so good they’ve turned them into a liqueur called “Drunk Taiyaki”.

Taiyaki is actually the second flavour to appear in the company’s “Drunk” series, with a “Drunk Roasted Sweet Potato” liqueur released in October last year.

Just as the Drunk Roasted Sweet Potato brought a warming flavour to our drinks last autumn, the Drunk Taiyaki aims to do the same for us this autumn, using red bean paste made with carefully selected adzuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, one of Japan’s three major adzuki bean producing areas.

While the flavour of red bean paste is well-pronounced in the drink, it’s also accompanied by a sweet, baked dough flavour and aroma that’s said to perfectly capture the taste of a freshly baked taiyaki sweet.

According to the company, over 40 trial products were tested until the development team finally shouted “THIS is taiyaki!” once they hit upon the harmonious blend of dough and red bean paste that became the final product.

This “unprecedented” liqueur is said to deliver the perfect ratio of red bean paste and dough on the tongue, and while you can enjoy it straight as it is, you can also add hot milk to it to “feel the warmth of freshly baked taiyaki”.

▼ It can also be enjoyed as a dessert, poured over vanilla ice cream.

The Drunk Taiyaki liqueur is priced at 980 yen (US$8.62) a bottle, and can be purchased at supermarkets, liquor stores and online from 29 October.

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