Dancing Butter Shake Experiment” goes viral online. 

Whoever said science was boring clearly never met Miki Igarashi, who describes herself on social media as a “Science Entertainer from Japan“.

Igarashi has been entertaining the masses for the past six years, after quitting her job as an engineer at a large company in 2015. Since then, she’s gone on to make regular appearances on television programmes, become a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo, and even give a TED talk in Japan, championing women in science and advocating for people to find a job that combines their profession with their interests, which she’s clearly been able to do.

Despite all her impressive achievements, however, Igarashi has become most famous for her “Dancing Butter Shake Experiment“, which she performs as part of a travelling science show. That dance has now gone viral online, thanks to this video posted on Igarashi’s Twitter account a few days ago.


As the video shows, Igarashi is brimming with enthusiasm for the science behind making butter, giving an energetic performance that involves some dynamic jumps and a few vigorous shakes to transform the liquid cream in the bottle into a solid spread.

Igarashi says the butter-making process usually requires around five minutes of constant shaking, but with her hip hop dance moves she’s able to have it all done in around a minute.

Her “Dancing Science Show” draws a lot of crowds whenever it’s held, and Igarashi is happy to combine her scientific knowledge with her love of dance to help introduce children and adults to the fun side of science.

▼ Igarashi performs at all sorts of venues, including racecourses

▼ …festivals

▼ …and shopping malls.

As a mother of two children herself, Igarashi knows how to grab the attention of little ones, but after her video went viral online, plenty of adults had words of praise for her performance as well.

“This is a great way to get people interested in the science behind everyday things.”
“I had no idea butter could be made like this!”
“Wonderful — so much fun to watch!”
“I’m now imagining hundreds of people doing this at a butter factory!”
“I love that the kids are copying the dance moves too!”

We’ve seen plenty of performers entertaining crowds in Japan before, but nobody does it quite like Igarashi. To keep up with her scientific updates, and information on upcoming shows and locations, be sure to check out her website or give her follow on Twitter.

And if you’ve got some fresh cream in your fridge, why not give the Dancing Butter Shake Experiment a try? If your energy levels aren’t quite up to the task, though, don’t worry — you can always make tiramisu with it instead.

Source: Twitter/@igamiki0319 via Jin
Images: Twitter/@igamiki0319
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