New spreadable French Toast from Japan is a game-changer

The easiest way to make French toast? Simply spread it on bread!

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VR compatible butter “The Sushi Device” on sale now

Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Sushi Device is. You have to see it for yourself.

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Alcoholic sake butter appears in Japan

I can’t believe it’s not Nihonshu?

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Burger King releases the King Yeti on Japan

No Yetis were harmed in the making of this burger…we think. 

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Burger King Japan doesn’t believe in a guilt-free New Year

Fast food chain wants us to indulge in a buttery new Guilty Burger.

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In search of the elusive Sea Urchin Butter from Kaldi【Taste test】

Our reporter is bitter no one but her ever bought her a better butter, like Uni Butter.

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Japanese entertainer shakes fresh cream to make butter… in the most unusual way【Video】

Dancing Butter Shake Experiment” goes viral online. 

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Burger King straight-up serves beef patties on their own in Japan for a limited time

Well, this is an unprecedented development we didn’t see coming.

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Burger King adds Clown Fries and craft buns soaked in butter to menu in Japan

Pierrot and Guilty Butter Burgers go hand in hand for a limited time.

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Mos Burger’s new super-thick sliced bread: Is it as good as their burgers? 【Taste Test】

Fast food chain brings out a bread so buttery it doesn’t need butter.

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Japan has mint chocolate butter, and it’s now at the top of our shopping list

This opens up so many possibilities, and they all sound delicious.

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Pikachu carved out of pure butter melts hearts and eyeballs on Twitter

Butter is clearly an artistic medium that had yet to be milked to its full potential.

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Japan’s coffee-flavored toast spread is now on sale, but how does it taste? We find out

Who’s ready to eat their morning coffee?

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Now you can spread coffee on your toast in Japan!

Add a caffeine boost to your toast and sandwiches with this new spread from a popular Japanese coffee brand.

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Get ready for a cherry-blossom-flavored spring with Sakura Butter potato chips from Calbee!

We may be in the dead of winter here in Japan, but snack makers are already coming out with a taste of Spring.

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Butter sushi becoming an unlikely hit in Osaka

In Japan, some of the most prized types of sushi are loved by gourmets for their rich flavor. High-quality uni (sea urchin) is decadently creamy, and the premium cuts of tuna are those with extra fat.

But this chain of restaurants in Japan might be offering the richest sushi ever, since the pieces have a pat of butter on them!

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Can you make butter using a bottle of cream and a sports car? Mr. Sato’s Wild Ride 【Video】

Last fall, we looked at an issue very close to our hearts (and arteries): the continuing butter shortage in Japan. In times of crisis, it goes without saying that the Japanese people look to RocketNews24 for leadership and guidance, and we came up with a solution.

While it’s getting harder to find butter in Japan, milk and cream are still easy to come by, and if you shake cream hard enough for an extended time you end up with butter. But while our athletically toned staff would ordinarily be up to such a task, we have to keep our arms’ musculature in prime, rested condition for the hours of typing that go into our articles. That’s why we turned to something just as powerful as a team of Internet writers, as automaker Nissan supplied us with a high-powered sports car.

Lacking hands, though, it’s not like a car can grip the handle of a butter churner. So instead, we grabbed a bottle of cream, hopped in the car, and tore off for several laps around one of Japan’s most famous racing circuits, with the goal of subjecting the cream to enough g-forces to turn it into butter. Did our plan work? Read on and find out!

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Butter Ping Cuisine! The newest gross Japanese food trend that’s taking over Twitter!

Raw fish, seaweed, fresh vegetables, small portions – Japanese people all eat so healthily, right?

WRONG. The newest trend among Japan’s foodie Twitter users involves putting a knob of butter on, er, pretty much anything and melting it in the microwave – voila, “Butter Ping Cuisine”!

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Where’s my Christmas cake?! Seasonal celebrations threatened by nationwide butter shortage

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Japan currently has a pretty severe butter shortage and it’s been going on for a long time. For months grocery stores around the country have been limiting customers to one box of butter at a time, and even then, people are paying hugely inflated prices.

Generally, Japanese cooking doesn’t really use that much butter, so what is all of this stuff being used for exactly? Cakes and cookies. With Christmas just around the corner, and the butter shortage expected to continue for the foreseeable future, a new and very important question has arisen: Will we still be able to eat Christmas cake?! 

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Butter Crisis ’14: Supermarkets nationwide apologize for empty shelves, cakes threatened

For months now a crisis has been brewing in the dairy industries of Japan. However, like the gooey sweetness of a melting pat of butter penetrating the crevices of a piece of toast, the effects have only recently begun to seep into the general population. We’re still only in the early stages though and things are bound to get worse before they get better.

Some readers who live in Japan may have noticed that the cost of butter has been significantly higher in recent months. In other cases shelves have gone empty and purchases are limited to one per person.

Now the writing is smeared on the wall: Japan is running out of butter… and fast.

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