A finger-lickin’ good way to start the New Year!

January 1 wasn’t just a day to celebrate the New Year, it was a day to celebrate the release of the KFC fukubukuro (“lucky bag”) in Japan, which went on sale in limited numbers at branches nationwide for 2,500 yen (US$21.68).

KFC is the fast food chain on everyone’s lips here at this time of year, having made a name for itself as the place to dine at Christmas, and even at New Year, so they always go out of their way to give us a fukubukuro that would make the Colonel proud.

What’s in the bag for 2022? Let’s take a look at the contents below!

First up, we have an “Original Pocket Mini Tote“. The simple, unlined tote bag has an image of the Colonel on the front, along with his distinctive black bow tie, and it’s the perfect size for carrying a KFC order for one back home from your local branch.

Next up, we have some vouchers for burger sets and chicken pieces, which are all valid until 31 March.

These vouchers come to a total of 2,870 yen, which is already more than the 2,500 yen cost of the bag!

That’s not all, though — the real pièce de résistance is the “Otoshidama Coupon Pass“, which gives you unlimited discounts on the following items until 31 March.

・ Small Chicken Fillet Sandwich and Fries Set: 620 yen → 500 yen
・ Japanese-style Chicken Katsu Sandwich and a Krispy: 620 yen → 500 yen
・ Two Chicken Pieces and a Biscuit: 720 yen → 500 yen
・ Two Chicken Pieces, 5 Nuggets, Small Fries: 1,370 yen → 1,100 yen

▼ You can order up to three of each discounted item at any one time, so you can share the joy with friends and family!

Compared to last year’s “Otoshidama Coupon Pass” (left in the image below), the discounts are greater this time round.

With 90 days from 1 January until 31 March, you could order three of the Two Chicken Pieces, 5 Nuggets, and Small Fries every day and save 72,900 yen in total.

▼ Thanks, Colonel Sanders!

If you have deep pockets, the discount possibilities for holders of the pass are endless! Come 31 March, though, you’ll probably be all KFC’d out until Christmas rolls around again. Unless Samurai Colonel entices you back when he appears on the streets of Japan in traditional warrior amour.

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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