We’re gonna party like it’s 1999.

A short while back the fast food community in Japan was delighted by the return of Mos Burger’s sake flavored non-alcoholic milkshake. Once again this sake shake is based on the globally popular Dassai brand from Asahi Shuzo that first went on sale in December of 2020.

However, that isn’t all that’s been resurrected by Mos Burger. In honor of this classic milkshake they have also set up a website that features almost all the trappings of an early Internet era page. It comes complete with an animated gif of a dancing milkshake as well as postings which are both “NEW!” and “UP!” all in a crisp 800×600 resolution that would push your 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card and 56k modem to their limits. 

This is all thanks to the webmaster Kosaku Shima, who manga fans might know from the long-running series named after him and his various job titles over the years. Since 1983, it has followed the titular character as he worked his way up the Japanese corporate ladder of a major electronics conglomerate. Apparently around the late 90s he did a stint in marketing and headed the Dassai shake account both last time and this time.

▼ He’s also looking rather spry for someone born in 1947.

You could really tell Shima was going places at the time because of the careful attention paid to the crafting of this webpage. However, he did commit a cardinal sin of early web design and forgot to add a guest book and visitor counter, both of which were indispensable back then.

Nevertheless, people were delighted by the return of any or all of the Dassai milkshake, young Kosaku Shima, and Geocities-style Internet.

“In ‘47, eh… lol. That website takes me back. I would try a shake but it’s so cold right now.”
“That’s the kind of webpage from my generation! I’ll try a shake tomorrow!”
“Lol, the pixels.”
“I just drank one of those!”
“I was seriously waiting for those to come back.”
“I still want them to sell an alcoholic version.”

There is the question of why Mos Burger decided to bring these three seemingly unrelated things together. Perhaps since the target market of an alcohol-flavored shake would be middle-aged people, they wanted to offer a nostalgic ad on multiple fronts.

There is also the less likely but still conceivable chance that the website is a pun on the name “Dassai” because it sounds a lot like the Japanese word “dasai” which means “bad style.”

One thing is for sure: if you want to make your device and/or Internet connection feel super fast and powerful, just open the Mos Burger Kosaku Shima Dassai milkshake website and watch the entire thing load in fractions of a millisecond.

Source: Mos Buger via Netlab
Photos: SoraNews24

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