Some like mistakes hot.

You can tell a lot about a person by the erasers they keep. From anime fans to gamers, everyone needs to remove some poorly planned pencil markings from time to time.

And now there’s a line of correctional stationery tailored to those who enjoy sharp tasting garnishes. Capsule toy maker Tama-kyu has developed the Shogana Eraser, who’s name is a pun on the Japanese words for “ginger” (shoga) and “can’t be helped” (shoganai), which refers to either the inevitability of mistakes or the inability to stop erasing with these things.

The reason they’re so addictive is that rubbing one on a sheet of paper simulates the act of grating ginger with eerie accuracy. It’s neat enough that you’ll want to make spelling and arithmetic errors just to get a little cooking done on the side.

There are three main types of rhizomes:

Fresh Ginger: the classic mild bite of spiciness with a warm aura

Pickled Ginger: ginger’s more tangy side that comes in a bright pink hue

Wasabi: roots don’t get much more pungent than this delectable treat

It’s important to note that these are not scented erasers, though considering the lineup that’s probably for the best. But at least you can enjoy all the visual appeal these foods have to offer in an easy-to-carry size. In addition to the atmospheric effect of “grating” your mistakes away, these three items were selected by Tama-kyu because their naturally bright colors are a perfect addition to most pencil case color schemes.

For those with more racy tastes in stationery, there is also a “sexy” variant of the ginger and pickled ginger designs. These roots that have grown into more voluptuous shapes bring the total to five.

▼ Because this curvy beauty is pickled, it’ll be forever young

▼ But the fresh sexy ginger brings a more Baroque feeling to the table

Yes, there’s something for everyone in the Shogana Eraser series, assuming that everyone likes ginger, wasabi, and “sexy.” It’s also a reminder that in cooking or homework, a little seasoning can fix any mistake.

Source: Tama-kyu, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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