New handmade products come with gorgeous details. 

When was the last time you saw the brightly painted walls of the Ghibli Museum? For a lot of us, even in Japan, it’s been a couple of years since our last visit, as the pandemic put all our travel plans on hold indefinitely.

At least the museum’s onsite gift shop, Mamma Aiuto, opened an online store five months ago to help satisfy our desire to visit. And that online store is now giving us a piece of the museum that we can keep close to our hearts, in the form of two special card cases.

▼ The card cases have been made by Ojaga Design, a Japanese leather brand known for its handmade details.

There are two designs to choose from, the first being the “Exterior of the Ghibli Museum“, which replicates the wavy pink-and-green paintwork seen on the outside of the main building.

The attention to detail is incredibly impressive, with design features like green ivy, rounded window awnings, and soot sprites behind iron bars — all elements that can be found on the real building — beautifully stitched into the front of the case.

▼ The case has an inner pocket for holding business cards…

▼…while the back has a slot that’s handy for transport cards.

▼ Carry the Ghibli Museum with you wherever you go!

The other design is adorned with the museum gift shop logo, which features the moustachioed boss of the Mamma Aiuto air pirates.

The attention to detail here is equally impressive, with small cuts of leather making up the design.

This one also has an inner and back pocket, although this design uses a black-and-green colour scheme.

Everything from the dyeing of the leather to the cutting and sewing of individual pieces is all done by the experienced craftspeople at Ojaga Design, making each handmade piece unique.

The card cases are priced at 9,900 yen (US$84.09) each and can be purchased at the Mamma Aiuto online store, where you can also pick up these bouncing Totoro zoetrope glasses for a limited time.

Source: Ghibli Museum
Featured image: Ghibli Museum
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