Yes, technically all pants don’t require it, but these do it comfortably.

Underwear can sure be a drag sometimes. While the support they offer in certain situations is appreciated, most of the time we just want to be free. On the other hand, most of us aren’t ready to take that leap into full-blown naturism, so there has to be a way to balance that liberating feeling of going commando while also retaining a certain degree of protection from the elements and prying eyes.

This is the gap that Totonou Pants is looking to fill. This revolutionary design in short-pant technology allows both males and females to forego their undergarments and live free, if but for a time. It does this with a patented “three-dimensional inner” lining that is free of uncomfortable seams and similar to the kind found in swimming trunks, only with an emphasis on relaxing on dry land rather than in water.

The basic principles are the same, however. The soft dungaree fabric used inside Totonou Pants helps to promote breathability and absorbs moisture to keep the skin dry. Meanwhile, the outer layer is made of seersucker for cozy feeling that can still pass for regular outdoor casual wear at a glance.

It’s a loose-fitting unisex design, fits S, M, L, and XL sizes, and comes in five dual, outer/inner color schemes: Blue/Orange; Brown/Lavender; Off-White/Beige; Olive/Yellow; and Black/Pink.

Totonou Pants are currently being sold through the Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake for 8,800 yen (US$74) a pair, but occasional discount offers appear as well. Also, those who pledge 17,600 yen ($148) can get a matching short-sleeved top. The crowdfunding campaign will continue until 6 April, after which orders will begin to be sent out.

Totonou Pants are also highly functional with a loop for holding keys or hanging up after washing, as well as a small coin pocket with a flap and additional pocket big enough to hold a smartphone. Since a lack of smartphone-sized pockets is one of the reasons people aren’t into jeans as much these days, it’s sure to be a major selling point here.

Although intended for use around the home, with all their added features there’s no reason Totonou Pants can’t be used for quick jaunts to the store or walking the dog. Just be careful not to use them too long, or it might become hard to go back to the shackles of conventional underwear, and that’ll turn future meetings and social events into risky business.

Source, images: Makuake
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