Design based on “naked festival” fundoshi butts.

Japan is a country that loves butts, so much so that there’s a popular show about a sentient butt detective who solves crimes, and a book about panda butts sold out faster than toilet paper at a prune party.

So it should come as no surprise that soap in the shape of a butt has also been extremely popular.

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The soap was made by high school students in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. That prefecture is home to Saidaiji Eyo, also known as the “naked festival,” where every February over 10,000 men dressed in nothing more than fundoshi underwear jostle over each other to snatch lucky items thrown by priests into the crowd.

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That image of the mostly-naked-men is what inspired the soap. Originally, a group of four high school senior girls in 2020 at Saidaiji Vocational High School created the “butt soap” for a product development class. They worked in tandem with the local government to make it a reality, and sold it as a “naked festival souvenir” for tourists.

The soap has a spiced-wood sandalwood aroma, based on the lucky items thrown into the crowd. At a price point of 1,000 yen (US$8.20) they sold out immediately and were praised for being “way too high quality.” Even now they’re being produced at a pace of about 50 every three months, due to each one being handcrafted, and they’re continuing to sell well.

One of the original members who created them, now a college student, said that, “We worked hard to design and make them, so I’m glad that they’re still being loved.”

Japanese netizens were both amazed and confused:

“Wait… they’re dudes’ butts.”
“That is some jaw-dropping soap for sure.”
“Definitely getting Okayama vibes from it.”
“The soap’s luster… my god….”
“The sheer power of high school girls making man-butt soap.”

And for anyone who is now suddenly craving novelty soap, but might feel a bit awkward rubbing a man-butt all over your body, no worries! There’s plenty of soaps with anime girls trapped inside ready to go too.

Source: Maido News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Irasutoya (Edited by SoraNews24)

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