A suggestive suggestion to shower more frequently.

An obsessive love of a particular hobby is the defining characteristic of otaku, but some anime and video game otaku also develop an aversion…to bathing. Perhaps it’s not so shocking, since if your lifestyle involves spending the vast majority of your time at home alone indulging such interests, a gradual erosion of your hygiene standards may occur as a result of your interpersonal interactions primarily being with 2-D characters. After all, even the most beautiful anime babe isn’t going to complain about your body odor, because it’s not like she can smell you through the screen, right?

But Japanese Twitter user @harakoatom recently stumbled across a clever way to channel otaku’s passion for their 2-D crushes into better hygiene: encasing sexy anime girls inside blocks of soap.


Each piece of soap pictured here is tied to an illustration of a character from Chinese-developed mobile game Ark Knights, published in Japan by Yostar, and features a different anime-style girl in a bath scene. Mimicking traditional anime censorship, the soap is textured to appear like clouds of steam are obscuring the most eye-catching aspects of the characters’ physiques.

The more the soap is used, the clearer the picture becomes, encouraging the otaku owner to wash long, hard, and often.

Of course, if the girls themselves were made out of soap, that would defeat the whole purpose, since it would make washing your body shorten their lives. However, the characters appear to be acrylic mini standees, making the deal sort of a shower-situation parallel of those chocolate eggs with toys inside.

A few commenters have pointed out potential flaws in this suggestive shower-suggesting scenario, however. Wouldn’t otaku, being masters of finding methods by which to optimize self-gratification, simply dunk the soap in a pot of hot water and melt off all of the non-anime girl content? Grabbing a carving knife and shacking away to free your beloved from her soap prison also would speed up the process. However, another commenter was quick to point out that doing either of those things would also eliminate the opportunity to rub the soap all over one’s naked body.

Much like the soap itself, it’s hazy as to whether these are officially licensed or fan-made items. They are available for purchase, however, here on Chinese online marketplace Tmall.

Source: Twitter/@harakoatom via Hachima Kiko
Images: Tmall
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